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FK Partner offers virtual office and secretarial services for modern companies.

Our experts will help you with your company formation. We can also support you by offering bookkeeping and payroll service.

We offer shelf companies to let you start your business immediately.

Our offices are located in a center of Warsaw, Łódź and Katowice. The combination flexible cooperation conditions that we offer and professional level of our service makes our offer suitable for the companies of every stage of development regardless of the business area you are active.

Our  services are dedicated to every company type: PLC, Ltd, Co., joint-ventures, associations and foundations.

We encourage you to get familiar with our offer.


3 Tagore'a St.

02-647 Warsaw

Telephone: (22) 242 85 11 

Fax: (22) 242 85 10


71 Piotrkowska St. 

90-422 Łódź 

Telephone: (42) 279 74 00 

Fax: (42) 279 74 10


14 Zabrska St.

40-083 Katowice

Telephone: (32) 445 08 00 

Fax: (32) 445 08 10