HR & payroll services

We are specialized in providing comprehensive HR payroll administration services and large companies.
We also offer advisory services in the area of HR management.

We offer complete HR & payroll administration:

  • comprehensive HR administration
  • on-line access to Electronic Employee File application
  • complex payroll administration
  • HR advisory services e.g. drafting the HR & payroll documentation, review of employee documentation, development of remuneration scheme

HR administration:

  • drafting documentation regarding the form of employment and dismissal of personnel, and civil-law contracts
  • recording and monitoring the validity of periodical medical checks, as well as recording health and safety training staff holidays and absence
  • setting criteria for awarding severance pay, compensation, internship extra payments, jubilee bonuses and equivalent payments
  • issuing employee certificates and statistical reports
  • filing personnel documents
  • preparing employee pension documentation

Payroll administration:

  • compiling employee payroll lists
  • preparing applications, statements and reports for the Social Insurance Office and the Tax Office
  • settling civil-law contracts
  • keeping personal records of employees’ payroll
  • money transfers to employees, tax and social insurance authorities
  • issuing pay slips
  • co-operation with the Client’s Accounting Department

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