Shelf companies

Establishment and registration of the company is time-consuming and not easy process.

We offer shelf companies to these customers who need to start running business immediately.

Shelf companies that we offer are fully operational and registered in Poland. They are ready to be acquired - constitute a prompt and practical business solution. Their acquisition is possible within 24-48 hours. 

Choosing that solution helps to reduce costs and time, as well as helping our customers quickly and efficiently start running their business activity in Poland. Customer becomes the owner of the company immediately after the transfer of the shares as a new shareholder. The solution is sought out by customers who need to a fast start-up or quick completion a of transaction.

Our shelf companies are free from obligations, are not active on the market and don’t employ any staff. They have flexible Articles of Association, including a broad classification of the business activity. They have full entry in the National Court Register (KRS), Tax Identification Number (NIP), National Official Business Statistical Number (REGON) and VAT registration number and VAT/VAT-UE registration number.

We serve foreign customers. We’ve created agreements and documentation especially for that purpose.

Characteristics of our shelf companies:

  • they have no obligation to the tax office or any other entitles
  • they have flexible Articles of Association
  • broad classification of the business activity
  • are registered in Poland
  • hold confirmed registration with KRS, NIP, REGON, VAT/VAT-UE
  • comprehensive service during shares transfer


Characteristics of Limited Company for sale price*
never conducted any business activity
has no obligation to the tax office or any other entitles
holds confirmed registration with KRS, NIP, REGON, VAT/VAT-UE
share capital 5000 zł
is registered in Warsaw, Łódź or Katowice
3.700 zł**
notary fee, tax 200 zł
preparation and submission necessary changes 400 zł
charges to National Court Registry and Court Monitor (official gazette of Polish Courts 700 zł
TOTAL 5000 zł

*The amounts above are net prices and do not include the VAT tax.
**Price does not include share capital


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